Airliners 747SP RR, A310-300, A300B4, BAC 1-11-200 available at series LIMITED EDITION!

We greet you, our dear colleagues and partners!

We have great news! April 2021 turned out to be productive – 4 new items are ready at once! They go on sale so far only in a limited version. It is with pride and pleasure that we present you four new boards for your collection:

  1. EE144154 Airliner 747SP RR
  2. EE144150 Airliner A310 300 GE
  3. EE144146 Airliner A300B4
  4. EE144143 BAC 1-11-200

Each airliner has from 3 to 6 liveries available, you can see the box options in the gallery below!

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See you soon!